Elite: A Spanish Netflix Masterpiece

Elite on Netflix

I have been watching international shows for a while now, and I have never been disappointed by the Netflix originals: Las Chicas del Cable, Dark, Club de Cuervos and now, Elite. The show takes place in a very prestigious high school in the beautiful country of Spain (aka my favorite country), and the drama hits you in the face from the very first scene of the show: a boy covered in blood looking into a crime scene.

To be honest, I did not think I would be into the show after the first few scenes that depicted an interrogation of students concerning a murder. But, little did I know that the show was not just another murder mystery show.


To be brief, it all begins with a student, Marina, being murdered, and the rest of the show depicts the events leading up to the murder and the reveal of the murderer. Throughout the show, you get to know the various characters

You have characters like Guzmán, Marina, Carla, Lu, Polo and Ander, who are all from the wealthiest families in Spain and have known each other for what seems like forever. Then enter Samuel, Christian and Nadia, three students from impoverished families who receive scholarships to the “elite” school after one of the wealthy parents’ construction company is deemed responsible for the destruction of their public school.


Off the bat, there is incredible tension between characters with crazy background stories and so many secrets. One thing you will never be if you watch this show is bored.

A Spanish Gossip Girl fused with El Internado and Las Chicas del Cable

Gossip Girl is an American teen classic; if you haven’t watched Gossip Girl, you’re sure to get a gasp out of anyone born after 1990. The show ended over 5 years ago, yet people from all over the world still binge watch the show on Netflix. Well, Elite is almost like a Spanish version of Gossip Girl. The outfits, the setting, the turmoil: it’s all like a modern day Gossip Girl set in Spain and it is absolutely amazing.


Like I have mentioned before, I love Spanish shows, especially those that take place in Spain. Two of my top favorite shows of all time are El Internado: Laguna Negra and Las Chicas del Cable, and I was almost too excited when I got the same vibes from Elite. All 3 of these shows have a certain Spanish style of entertainment, lots of drama and plenty of plot twists to keep you entertained the entire time.

Why is Elite so special?

In my opinion, Elite is one of the best shows I have ever watched. The drama that unfolds is so out there without being unrealistic and the characters are so multidimensional that it is impossible to not become invested. The show touches on the topics of racism, being gay in a conservative family, HIV, drugs, crime, blackmail, and much, much more. The show is made to entertain, and it does so perfectly throughout the entirety of the 8 episodes out on Netflix now.


Season 2?!

I have tried looking everywhere online for a sign or hint of a season 2 of Elite and have had no luck. But, I am confident there will be a second season to this masterpiece of a show.


The last episode ends with an obvious cliffhanger that I interpreted as a clear indication that there will be another season coming our way. I really hope that my intuition is correct and that we will see another season coming to Netflix soon, because Elite is my new obsession.

Gotta go, may or may not be binge watching all 8 episodes again…

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