Working Out as a College Student

I’m currently a college junior and before this year, I have never been able to stick to a workout plan. Up until I was 18, I had soccer practice every day so I would not worry about working out. Once I got to college, I would make it to the gym every single day, but would not be motivated or creative enough to do anything but run a few miles on the treadmill then lift a few weights.

But, after 4 semesters of just the same workout everyday, I decided to make a workout calendar that I promised myself I would stick to; this was probably the best thing I could have done for myself.

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Stick to a schedule

Like I mentioned before, I could always get to the gym even in the most unmotivated mood. The problem was that I would always take the familiar route and do the classic 3 mile jog with the occasional lifting session added on.

When I made a workout schedule for myself right before move-in day of my junior year, it changed everything. I had made a commitment to strictly follow my schedule with no excuses and by following it, I saw a noticeable difference in my endurance, strength, and physical appearance. By writing out what I had to do every single day, I no longer had to think of what part of the body to work on each day, and it was almost like having a coach telling me what to do; I had to do it.

A gist of my weekly schedule…

5 min. stationary bike
5 min. jog

Leg machines*
5 min. Stairmaster, level 6-9
Weights* – Lower body

Run or other cardio, minimum 30 min.
Weights* – Arms

Sprints – 200m sprint, 100m jog, repeat…
5 min. Stairmaster, level 3-6

Leg machines*
Stationary bike, minimum 10 min.

Run or other cardio, minimum 30 min.
Weights* – Arms

Leg machines*
5 minutes Stairmaster, level 6-9

Sprints – 200m sprint, 100m jog, repeat…

*3 sets, 12 reps
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To each their own

Of course, food also impacts the effectiveness of working out. More importantly, everybody’s body is different. There are people that simply do not have time to work out everyday, people with different genetic builds, and people that are at various fitness levels, so my workout plan does not apply to everyone.

But, the idea of making a schedule applies to anyone; it eliminates the need to think of a workout everyday, and it puts you in a routine. The consistency of it all makes working out habitual and no longer something to dread. 🙂

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