Top 10 Best Costumes of Halloween 2018

Thanks to Instagram and going out, I’ve been able to see pretty much everyone’s Halloween costumes. I personally think the best costumes are the funniest costumes. So, here are 10 of my favorites this year…

  1. Kim K

Long, black wig, huge sunglasses, oversized jacket, bike shorts, and heels. Nailed it. (It was me 😉 )

  1. Snakes

Double meaning. I thought it was way too funny.

  1. Fortnite characters

I don’t get the Fortnite hype, but the costume could not be more relevant for this Halloween. And they looked cool.

  1. Spy Kids Thumbs

Super creepy, but super creative and hilarious. A funny throwback for everyone.

  1. Jersey Shore

The trashiest guilty-pleasure show on TV came back this year, and the costume was a great way to celebrate the return.

  1. Brittany and Tiffany Wilson

White Chicks is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. No need to explain why this costume was hilarious and amazing.

  1. A JUUL

Again, I personally don’t get why everyone loves to JUUL, but the costume was so perfect for this year.

  1. Arthur meme

The Arthur meme. With the clenched fist. Amazing. (I love memes.)

  1. Breadwinner

One of my friends dressed up in olympic gear and went out with a loaf of bread, and “got that bread”, aka the most popular meme right now. It was amazing. Let’s get this bread.

  1. Josh from Drake and Josh

Maybe it’s just because I love and miss the show so much, but this costume was my favorite of 2018. And, our age group is the perfect audience for the costume because we all watched it growing up. He had the movie theater vest and everything!

Happy Halloween!!!

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