Staying Fit Abroad

Recently, I visited a friend in Munich for 3 weeks. At home in New York, I work out every single day at the gym, and suddenly I was in a situation where I didn’t have a gym to go to, it was too snowy to run outside, and I was quickly feeling myself getting less fit every day.

So, I had adjust some parts of my everyday life and I came up with these quick and easy tips to stay fit abroad while not taking time away from having fun!


I can’t speak for everyone, but I never walk when I’m at home in New York (oops). I tend to drive my car, Uber, take the subway, etc., but walking is KEY to staying fit abroad when workout options are limited. Instead of taking that metro between stops that are just a few kilometers apart, walk!

The other day, I walked 9 km around Munich and didn’t even feel tired because I was too busy taking in the beautiful scenery. Walking can be such an easy way to get in some light cardio, especially while sightseeing.


Make meals an activity

Sounds weird, but let me elaborate… While I’m home, I mindlessly eat a lot of random snacks or mini meals as I watch TV or do homework. When you’re traveling in another country, make meals an activity of its own!

I know it’s a bit pricey, allow yourself to enjoy your travels and eat out for your meals. By doing so, you avoid buying food, so you don’t have anything you can eat while resting when you’re not even hungry (obviously a small snack like almonds is completely fine, just a tip to not eat out of boredom!). Also, you can try new foods from another culture, so it’s super fun on top of being a fitness hack!


Work out at home

This is a seemingly obvious answer: working out at home/hotel/wherever you are. Since I was visiting a friend in Munich, I used his living room to get in my weightless leg workout and my ab routine. The same can be done in a hotel room, Airbnb, or whatever. Although it’s not as good as the gym, it’s much better than nothing.

Just some of the home workouts I love on YouTube…
Booty workout
Intense abs
Leg workout

*also: another clear answer to all of this is to just run outside! I didn’t include it in the list just because sometimes it’s not possible, like when it’s too cold or snowy*

Join a gym (for longer periods)

If you’re staying in a hotel, it may have a gym which is great. But, if there isn’t a gym available to you and you’re traveling for a longer period of time, join a gym!

This week, I am traveling to Spain for the entire Spring and Summer so I will most definitely be joining a gym. At first, I was researching gyms I could join and was shocked at how expensive all of the gyms are; there seemed to be no gyms that were affordable for college students like myself. However, my biggest advice for this is: KEEP RESEARCHING! I asked a few friends, looked on Google, emailed a few places, and I eventually found a gym that was just 20 euros per month right by my apartment.

Ultimately, for longer trips abroad, consider joining a gym to stay fit and don’t get discouraged when you can’t find one that fits your needs/wants; keep looking!

person holding black barbell
Photo by Victor Freitas on

All in all, staying fit abroad is possible!!! From personal experience, I know that it’s hard; it can even get annoying to have to fit in workouts when you’re having so much fun or you’re out exploring. But eventually, I would go crazy if I couldn’t workout, one way or another! Just keep these tips in mind for your next adventure; you might find them useful… but don’t forget to make ENJOYING your travels your priority!!! 🙂

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