Top 10 Best Costumes of Halloween 2018

Thanks to Instagram and going out, I’ve been able to see pretty much everyone’s Halloween costumes. I personally think the best costumes are the funniest costumes. So, here are 10 of my favorites this year… Kim K Long, black wig, huge sunglasses, oversized jacket, bike shorts, and heels. Nailed it. (It was me 😉 ) … Continue reading Top 10 Best Costumes of Halloween 2018

Soccer (Football): More Than Just a Game

“I learned all about life with a ball at my feet” -Ronaldinho In how many activities can everyone from babies to grandparents all experience pure joy, passion and excitement? Not many. Genuine happiness... Soccer, or football for everyone else in the world, is something that literally anyone can enjoy, regardless of gender or age or … Continue reading Soccer (Football): More Than Just a Game

Elite: A Spanish Netflix Masterpiece

Elite on Netflix I have been watching international shows for a while now, and I have never been disappointed by the Netflix originals: Las Chicas del Cable, Dark, Club de Cuervos and now, Elite. The show takes place in a very prestigious high school in the beautiful country of Spain (aka my favorite country), and … Continue reading Elite: A Spanish Netflix Masterpiece